Going to Church the Sunday After Christmas

By Karen Oslund

It would be so easy to not go to church the Sunday after Christmas. If anyone noticed I was not there, they would think, “Oh, she’s not back from her mom’s yet.” 

We still have company at our house and I did not sleep that well last night.  There are leftovers that need to be made into a pot of soup and the house is disheveled with presents that have not found a place to go yet. 

The Sunday after Christmas is often a low attendance day, anyway, and the pastor sometimes takes the day off to recover from the extra church services and demands of the Advent season. There might even be a substitute preacher.  It would be so easy to stay home!

But, I remember something Pastor Rosemary once said to me.  She said, on any Sunday, there may be someone at church who needs you to be there. 

When I think about it, the hour of quiet and music, the openness to even the possibility of a moment of sacred connection, would be good for me. It would be so easy not to go to church the Sunday after Christmas. Go anyway, and accept whatever gift may come.

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