Pastor’s Peace, May 2018

It’s May already, and I don’t know about you, but the year is going way too fast. I think it’s because we didn’t really have much of a rainy winter (just snow – but even that was gone in a day or so).

Recently in a sermon on creation, I was reminded about how we sometimes lack gratitude for all that God gives us daily through creation. In April I went to see my father in Minnesota. I had canceled a February trip because of the snow (I dread driving in it), but to my surprise, we had two days of snow. It didn’t really stick too much and was gone by the end of the day. And lucky for me it waited until I left to snow another 18 inches. But my dad reminded me that he and my mother had snow on their wedding night, May 11. It all made me think about appreciating God’s creation. Sometimes we aren’t so appreciative of the weather – mostly because it gets in our way, our plans. Bad weather causes floods, earthquakes, blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, and drought among other problems. Some people ask why does God allow these disasters; many which kill people, wiping out their homes and businesses, and causing secondary disasters (such as mudslides after fires)? Some believe that everything that happens is according to God’s will.

Today, we understand scientific explanations. God created the world as well as the laws of nature that govern it. Then God gave us the command to have dominion – to be stewards of all of creation. God gives us the tools we need to care for creation: a conscience, a heart, and a mind. Our task is to pay attention to what is needed to care for creation. When we treat all of creation by seeing God in everything, we can bring heaven to earth. All we need to do is pay attention. May you always see God in everything you look at – when we do that, it just might make a difference in our actions and in our world.

See you in Church!




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