Pastor’s Peace March 2018

This month I want to share a little of what we have been studying in Bible Study. Although maybe this time we should call it a book study. Yet the foundation of our study is the scriptures. I guess it’s just semantics. The class talked about it today and we will probably be offering it again this fall and inviting the community to join us. This week we studied what it means to have a personal and historical connection to Jesus. My heart and soul truly resonated with these statements:

  • In the birth of Jesus, we see the gentleness and vulnerability of the divine. Caring for the divine work of redemption is everywhere placed in our small hands.
  • In the actions of Jesus, we see the primacy of God’s commitment to the neglected ones. We believe that advocating for the excluded is a continuation of the ministry of Jesus.
  • In the parables and teachings of Jesus, we hear God’s challenge to every human convention every status quo.
  • In the persecution of Jesus, we witness the seemingly intractable evil that the divine work of salvation everywhere faces.
  • In the crucifixion of Jesus, we see the willingness of God to suffer and to die, and with us, if that is what oneness and the world require.
  • In the resurrection of Jesus, we experience the tenacity of a God who will not let go of us or the rest of creation.
  • We believe in a God who is incarnate – a God who is with us fully and fully, too, with all of creation.

“What Does a Progressive Christian Believe?” by Delwin Brown, Dean Emeritus of Pacific School of Religion.

This class and the confirmation class have been a journey filled with blessings; and always affirming my faith in a God of unconditional love, inclusion, grace and peace.

I close my message with a beautiful quote from the book: “Love of God requires love of the neighbor because God is incarnate in the neighbor.”

See you in church –





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