Pastor’s Peace January 2018

Are you glad 2017 is over? Did you have a good year, filled with blessings or a year with too many setbacks? Often at the end of the year we find ourselves reflecting on changes within our lives. Or maybe it has been a year without anything exciting going on. Many of us know people who have been affected by the fires this past year – and will spend years rebuilding their lives. For them, this last year’s changes will be a part of what they do this next year. For some, it’s that much closer to retirement. For youth, it’s that much closer to becoming an adult – or going off to college – starting high school. Every year we can find some way that we are getting closer to the next stage of our lives.

I was reflecting on some ways that we as Christians look at our lives. As we get older, we can look at our future, even our passing, as getting one day closer to continuing our life in God’s care. For some, it’s just getting one day closer to death. For our young people, it’s getting closer to the time when they will begin to make decisions for themselves about what they believe – rather than what they have been taught by the church or their parents.

No matter what our age, our faith can be tested and tried – not by God, but by the circumstances of life – and we seek to understand where God is in our lives. Is this where you are today? God has promised us one thing – God’s unconditional love, walking with us in our fears, carrying us when we can’t see the way. As I was growing up I thought my faith would never change. But that isn’t the case . . . my knowledge of God being with me has never changed, but how that happens and what I understand about God’s presence in the world and how God wants us to be a part of heaven on earth has changed. And I thank God that it does. Because I believe that those times of trying to understand God in my life leads to a closer relationship with God.

So, may this be a new year that is filled with time with God; intentional time, being blessed, questioning, and being loved – by God.

See you in church – Shalom . . . Rosemary

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