Pastor’s Peace February 2018

These past couple of months have seen many of our family, friends, and ourselves suffer through the flu, colds, and even pneumonia. We continue to keep them in our prayers and thoughts. If you have someone you want to put on the prayer chain because of illness, please contact the office or put their name on the pink attendance sheets on Sundays.

As I write this month’s article, I am reminded of all that has happened over the last year. Our daily news overwhelms us with negativity, divisiveness, and confusion. Sometimes you just want to turn off the news from around the world and hibernate. We’d like our lives to be less complicated, but we hold on to the hope of Lent and Easter, which is the resurrection. Today we know the outcome of Good Friday and Easter morning. On Friday, there was despair and fear; and yet two days later, we know the joy of the resurrection. The joy of the resurrection is that everything that is bad and evil is never the end. We often find it hard not to get sucked up into the despair and fear of what is happening in our world. Our lives should be a witness to the promise that God is at work in our world, even when we can’t see it.

As I write this, I am thinking about the challenge that the Ukiah UMC is facing. If you have not heard, they are doing a search for developers to either purchase or lease part or all of their property. As they do this, they continue to do ministry in their present location. What the future of their ministry will be is unclear to them. But they want to strengthen their ministry and not put all their energy (years of it!!) into taking care of a building. As their process continues, they are a witness to us of turning it over to God and watching to see what their resurrection will look like. Let us keep them in our prayers and love.

See you in church – Shalom. . . Rosemary



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